Nero Music Press is proud to support Saxhorn Fest 2019. We are delighted to be present at the festival, which is taking place on 2 February 2019 in CATTERICK GARRISON and RICHMOND.

The 2019 festival will take place in Yorkshire, the home of brass bands, and will encompass a day-long celebration of tenor and baritone horns in all their glory, with day events including masterclasses, workshops, and a jazz set, as well as an evening recital.

For further information, please find enclosed our poster below and view and join the Saxhorn Fest Facebook page or email [email protected]

Places are limited! Please visit our Shop to purchase tickets (concessions available) by following this link.

N.B. please select Saxhorn Fest postage at the checkout for UK delivery (the price of a first class stamp!). International delegates can collect their tickets upon arrival. Your email address will be included for all future information, updates and news.

Helen Varley & Katrina Marzella

Festival Founders

Michael Cavanagh

2019 Saxhorn Fest Guest Soloist, to be held in the beautiful market town of Richmond, North Yorkshire